January 11, 2011

Country Girl Goes to Town

Wow, I've felt really out of place a lot in my life. I am who I am and that's who I want to be. If I want to get groceries in a hat with my hair shoved in it with no makeup on...I will. If you want to judge me because my pants are ripped up the butt and have been patched, you can do that....I have on an $800 pair of boots, want me to share that with you too. Anyway anyway...I do not think the people at the Sheraton DFW have ever seen a semi-dressed up country girl in a pair of cowboy boots check in. And us, they were the handmade ones, but they wouldn't have a clue anyway.

I have never been so thankful to find Taco Cabana. This was a childhood favorite of mine that you can't find in Perryton!!!! Two fajita tacos with chips and dip...and yes, I went next door to Jack in the Box and got a large vanilla shake. I feel like I spent 30 minutes in heaven. Just until I had to navigate my way back in traffic.

So this country girl went to the big city and will remember why she loves home, her family and not having a Taco Cabana or Jack in the Box!!! We'll see what else I can get into over the next few days!

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