January 26, 2011


Sorry but I'm a day behind..

So much to catch up on. Another weekend with trying new recipes…and I must tell you that I have perfected a corn bread that is out of this world. We poured chili over the top, grated cheese and sour cream finished the bowls off. It was amazing, sorry no pictures. Also check out the food category and learn about the quickest cinnamon rolls and another great breakfast creation!!

Tate and Tana have been busy, last night they decided to play with the great big box that Ryan’s hat came in. Many thanks to Mike’s Hatters in Longview, Texas. Ryan has three great hats made by them..and now in many different colors! Pictures will come later, you will not believe how skinny Tate really is!

After this…the kids ate more than I’ve ever seen!!! Tana had at least six chicken bites and ate her macaroni and apple sauce. Tate had at least four spoon fulls of macaroni. There’s not a better feeling in the world than preparing a meal and finding out your kids love it!!!

They shared an egg, cheese toast and yogurt for breakfast this morning!!!

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