May 4, 2011

Playing Hooky

Minus the wind, today would be the perfect day to play hooky and get the yard work done. Only one thing...I haven't picked up my plants yet because the weather has been so out of whack. I mean who has to start a fire in May to keep the house warm? The lawnmower is still stored from last year. Let me clarify, the push mower is still stored and needs gas, in which we keep forgetting to get in town. And the old riding mower has been stored for over a year because it needs a part that I just haven't brought myself to order yet. The yard is much improved from last year and the year before, we have grass, actually trying to fill in the places where there is no grass.

So my big surprise / new flower arrangement...well you will just have to wait. If nothing else arises today, Tana and I will complete it tonight and post photos tomorrow. Although I must say the flowers do not look great as they've been sitting in the shop for a few days, but we'll try to revive them!!!!

And the garden, that will wait for the weekend. But as I look out the window one more time, I wish I was sitting on my front porch drinking a nice cup of lemonade looking at all the work I accomplished, but for now I must dream!

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