April 18, 2012

Life Truly is a Ride

....some days it's better to hang on and go with the flow! Lots of updates on the blog today, so much to share too. First next Tuesday, April 24th is the official release date of 'Where's My Cowboy Hat' and the adventure is just beginning. I can remember the day I wrote the book, then remember the day my letter arrived in the mail, and finally the day the proof came and then my first box of books. If you don't have a copy, there are many places you can get it...but I'm the only source of autographed copies.

In other news, I have diligently been working on getting organized. I have writing a daily list of what to work on each day to get organized, for example day 1 is to tackle the two small junk drawers. I'll share my list soon. But first I've decided to organize my jewelry-making stuff and beads. It's in three different places and most often I work off our bed. Picking up several organizing trays and going to sort by color first! I think this will help make the process easier and hopefully allow production to increase, because, I will be building and adding pictures to an Etsy Store soon. I'll share that link when I get it all up.

There are a few new pictures on the critters page, and some links on others. Enjoy and have a great hump day!

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