April 10, 2015

Travelling without Kids or Cows

What an exciting day, we are travelling without kids or cows, just Ryan and me. It feels so odd. I think I left a suitcase full of things at home. My purse is twice as empty too. Things are missing....like the snack basket, trash can for car sickness and 50 cords powering every device to keep the kids entertained.

I thought it would be fun to have Ryan's input as we go down the highway. He is very excited that I am blogging again so that our distant family and friends can stay updated. He also reminded me that while we have come a long way on building things, there are a lot of future projects. With warmer weather here we will be finishing concrete work on our front drive, a feeder pen with fence work and begin the baby steps to a barn for the working facility and show cattle. We are mid way through calving season and have several good ones that we will keep and some that will find new homes!

And what a difference a year makes...we have grass coming up and if we ever get any rain we might get to mow.

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